wow i accidentally took so many pictures of this room. opened up my folder expecting to find like…15 pictures to edit and there are 80?? somehow??? and they’re all just slightly different angles i have no idea what i was thinking? but anyway hi! haven’t been around much lately, but now you can expect an onslaught of pictures that look pretty much exactly like this…yay spam! (there won’t be eighty i promise) and also i have some gifts to share sometime this week probably. maybe. i think so. if i can manage to load up my game and take pictures of something that isn’t this room then yes. absolutely.

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thank you!!

hair mesh is from jessy

and retexture by simbic

i made the skin, but i don’t really know how i feel about sharing it? skins aren’t really my thing…but maybe i’ll toss it up anyway when i finally get around to sorting through and uploading this cache of files i have lying around? idk sorry for the vagueness!!

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lol i love this cat

eee thanks!! he is a slightly tweaked version of the first cat I ever made, a breed which is registered twice in my game — once as “Smushed-Face” and once as “Dirigible” hahaa

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this is morello

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yeah! i’ve thrown those in every house i’ve worked on since making them (。・ ー ・。)

alsooo i have tons of stuff to share (including tons of fun wall stickers!)  and have just been way too lazy to actually start the whole process…but! cats are important so here is that one ridiculously small file for anyone who’s interested!


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